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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the K42 Challenge cost?

The K42 Challenge is a nutrition-fitness programme designed to help participants start and maintain a keto lifestyle. This challenge will not only provide you with meal plan but also keto workshops and in-gym/ home workout to support you to achieve your goals. Sign up for $888* on our website now! (UP. $1100) *Excluding GST

How do I calculate my daily calorie intake?

Everyone has different nutritional needs. Join us in our keto workshop to know more about hoow much your body needs from our Asian Keto Queen, Kelly Tan Peterson as she explains thoroughly during her webinars.

Can I swap my meals around?

Of course! You can definitely swap your meals around for any gourmet meal selection or your preferred meal choice. Please do inform one of our friendly staff at least 3 days prior to any meal deliveries.

Can I drink alcohol while im on the Challenge?

We recommend our participants to avoid alcohol during this 42 days challenge as alcohol, at the end of the day, is still considered as “empty calories”. If participants choose to have a social drink, please stick to whisky with soda water.

How do I alter my meals if I have food intolerence / food allergy?

You can always do so in your account. If you’re having difficulties selecting your meals, please drop us a whatsapp on our business chat and we will help sort out your food allergy.

If im pregnant or nursing, can I still do the challenge?

It is recommended to obtain professional advice regarding the suitability of fitness training or nutritional pprogramme during this challenge as woman who are pregnant or nursing do have different nutritional needs.

What if I don't want to train with Ritual during this challenge?

If you want to win attractive prizes from us, you got to train with the best – Ritual. However, if you still do not wish to download their Ritual Fit APP for free, or try their gym out, you will still have access to our meal plans and keto workshops. In other words, you’ll still be part of this challenge.

What if i'm already subscribed to a current plan, can I still take part in this challenge?

If you’re subscribed to a current plan but would like to take part in this challenge, your current plan would be on hold and you’ll be able to jump on board this challenge. Once this challenge is over, you’ll be automatically transferred back to your existing plan – That’s if you do not win the challenge!

If I decide to drop out half way through the challenge, can I get remaining meals refunded?

We reserve the right to not refund for our K42 Challenge.